Congratulations to our Founding Editor: Dr. Justin Caouette

Posted on October 2, 2018 by

Bridgewater State University recently published a profile of our very own Dr. Justin Caouette outlining what many people close to him already know: Justin is currently making a difference in the lives of students attending BSU.

Many of us (myself included) who are first generation college students–students with neither parent having attended college–are often faced with numerous hurdles. These challenges range from navigating university systems alone to finances and support matters to issues of identity within student populations (check out this article detailing the situations first generation college students face). Justin states, “I wanted to have the same types of students as I was–a kid who doesn’t come from generations of education.” These students work hard and Justin is no exception to that rule. Check out the following link for his full profile and interview at BSU:

Way to go Justin!