Political Possibilities.

August 22, 2016


With the political turmoil in the US and UK this year, there has been a lot of discussion of the relative merits of democratic forms of government and alternatives (e.g. here and here). Many of the proposed changes seem to me to be unworkable, but others, like a move away from first past the post […]

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Proposition 60, Pornography, and Sex Work

August 14, 2016


I’ve debated for a long time whether this is something that I wanted to talk about in public writing; I have a lot of thoughts about ethics and sex work, but generally keep them close to the vest. Given that this concerns a health and public policy issue, I thought it appropriate to post my first […]

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New Contributor: Joshua Stein

August 12, 2016


As I’m in the process of moving to the University of Calgary to join the terrific department, part of that process seems to include joining the crew here at A Philosopher’s Take. Justin and Alison suggested I write a short introduction for myself, to give reader’s some context. I am starting as a doctorate-pursuing-person at […]

Just a small rant v.1

August 10, 2016


Why is there not a ‘punch’ button on Twitter? It would seem incredibly useful to have some way to condemn a tweet rather than giving said tweet a platform by sharing.  In effect, the ridiculousness or stupidity of a tweet would be evident by the number of punches it receives.  One might also punch a […]

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When is Pragmatism Irresponsible?

August 10, 2016


voting 101

When is Pragmatism Irresponsible? Perhaps it has to do with a fractured GOP ostensibly headed by a racist demagogue, or a Democratic party at war with half its base while chanting “unity,” but Olivia Goldhill’s month-old article about the immorality of voting one’s conscience is currently remaking the rounds on social media these days. It […]

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New Contributor: Jamie Lombardi

August 9, 2016


It brings me pleasure to announce another new blogger to the fold here at APT, Jamie Lombardi.  Jamie Lombardi is a graduate student at New York University where she studies Bioethics. Her area of interests lie at the intersection of neuroethics and public policy. I’m looking forward to her posts as we share many of […]

Grinworthy Quotes (12)

July 24, 2016


Here’s W. V. O. Quine discussing the fact that Frege didn’t adopt a type theoretic approach (like Russell and Whitehead’s) when faced with Russell’s paradox. Actually, it is not to be wondered that Frege did not think of this course, or, thinking of it, adopt it. It was by having all his classes at ground […]


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