Write for ‘A Philosopher’s Take’

‘A Philosopher’s Take’ seeks articles on any sub-discipline in philosophy and psychology. Some of the suggestive article topics are as follows (this list isn’t exhaustive):

  • Ethical Issues (food ethics, abortion, neuroethics, normative and meta-ethics…)
  • Psychological Issues (experimental, neuropsychological, cognitive, behavioral… )
  • Social/Political Issues (gender related, parental obligation, liberty, immigration…)
  • Metaphysical Issues (free will/moral responsibility, time, ontology…)
  • Epistemic Issues (justification, a priori, skepticism…)
  • Issues in Sports (enhancement, cheating, fairness, politics…)
  • History of Philosophy (Ancient, Early Modern, Analytic…)
  • Philosophy of Mathematics (historical or contemporary…)
  • Other (desert, blame, rationality, motivation, forgiveness, law…)
  • Or issues in academic philosophy as a discipline (teaching, commentary – at the discretion of the editors who don’t wish to get involved in professional spats)

Writers must sign up for a WordPress profile. They will be listed on the blog as a contributor displaying all of their posts. Furthermore, authors retain all copyright and credit for their work.

Both professional philosophers and advanced graduate students in philosophy or related disciplines are highly encouraged to contribute.

If you are interested in contributing, please contact Justin at aphilosopherstake@gmail.com.

7 Responses “Write for ‘A Philosopher’s Take’” →
  1. This is a great idea and I might just swipe it… 🙂

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  2. Hi Justin,

    I would like to suggest that environmental issues (sustainability, green ethics/politics, environmental philosophy/psychology, biophilia hypothesis, environmentalism) be included in the list of article topics above. Thank you.

    Happy October to you and your family!



  3. Victoria C.D

    July 1, 2013

    I would be interested in participating! Are you interested in aesthetics at all?

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  4. Hi Victoria. I’m not particularly interested in aesthetics. However, feel free to email me regarding what you were thinking and I would consider it as some readers might well be interested in it.

    The best way to reach me is here aphilosopherstake(@)gmail.com

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