Top Posts from 2018

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It has been over six and a half years since Justin Caouette founded A Philosopher’s Take. The blog surpassed 400,000 views and a quarter of a million visitors this year. Below we’ve highlighted then 10 most popular posts in 2018, as well as the five most popular posts published in 2018. But this is only a small selection of the writing on APT. Be sure to browse through the 250+ other posts; you might find a new insight, a useful piece of advice, or even a laugh.

Top 10 Posts from this Year

The 10 most visited posts of 2018.*

  1. Abortion and Virtue Ethics – Posted by Justin Caouette way back in 2012. This was Justin’s first philosophical post after founding APT.
  2. Personal Identity: Who are you? What am I? – Also posted by Justin in 2012.
  3. Free Will: Why Sam Harris needs to read more Philosophy – Posted by Justin in 2012. Telling that this is just as relevant today as it was 6 years ago.
  4. The ‘Free Will Problem’ – Justin, 2012, from when our Founding Editor was starting a project on free will.
  5. Romantic Dysfunction, BPD, and Moral Responsibility – Posted by Ray Aldred in 2014.
  6. ‘Know How’ or ‘Know That’? – Justin, 2013.
  7. The Dark Side of Philosophy – Posted by Mike Steiner in 2016. Mike has a different perspective than most of our other contributors, having worked in industry since completing his PhD.
  8. Assisted Suicide and Personal Autonomy: Freedom of Choice …But Only for the Sick – Posted by Gordon Hawkes back in 2015.
  9. Free Will and Love – Justin, 2013. Justin revisits some issues related to (3.), above.
  10. On The Moral Psychology of Social Media – Justin, 2017. Perhaps even more relevant now than when it was posted last year.

Top 5 Posts Published the Year

The 5 most visited posted that were published in 2018.*

  1. Grieving a Life That is Not – By Adam Hayden. Both personal and philosophical, this is definitely worth (re)reading.
  2. Turning the Metaphysics of Race upside down: Questions for Biological Race Realists – By Celso Neto
  3. People Aren’t Upset With Michelle Wolf Because She Was Wrong. They’re Upset Because She’s Right. – By Jamie Lombardi
  4. The Moral Value of Compassion – By Alfred Archer
  5. Truth and meaning in the age of Trump – By Joshua Stein

*As of the morning of December 28, 2018.