Grinworthy Quotes (16): Self-promotion Edition

Posted on October 8, 2018 by

I just had a co-authored (with Eamon Darnell) paper that’s based on a chapter of my dissertation (both titled “Is Hume’s Principle Analytic?” — link to preprint of the paper) accepted for publication (yay!). Near the end of the paper, we raise an issue that seems (to me at least) to have been under the surface for most of what precedes it. We begin section 6 like this:

The 800 pound pink gorilla in the foyer happens to be called Caesar, and is concerned with the question of whether the Numbers of HP and the numerosities of NSA are commensurable in the first place.

What I’m referring to is the Caesar objection to neo-logicism which, very roughly, complains that Hume’s Principle (HP) upon which neo-logicism is based can’t tell you whether the number 2 (say) is identical to Julius Caesar.

Here ‘NSA’ is non-standard analysis wherein numerosities correspond roughly to cardinal numbers.

In any case, I hope Caesar (the gorilla) is satisfied with our treatment of Caesar (the objection).