Notes on Contributors (updated 3/7)

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I hope the blogosphere is doing well. I’m looking forward to getting back into blogging after i defend my dissertation in April. In the mean time I’d like to give you all an update on what some of our contributors have been up to.

Recently, Dr.’s Alison McConwell and David Boutland successfully defended their dissertations at the University of Calgary. David’s focus was on value pluralism while Alison defended a thesis on biological individuality. David is now a sessional instructor at the University of Calgary and Alison is finishing up a post-doc at the University of Calgary (here is a link to the project she’s been working on) before she heads over to Stanford to start another post-doc. Congrats to you both! Maybe David will be willing to contribute a bit more now that he’s successfully defended? Time will tell.

Dr. Lee Elkin, who hasn’t blogged in some time, successfully defended his PhD dissertation early last year over at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. Since his defense he has taken a post-doc position in Paris at Université Paris-Est Créteil, where he continues his research focus in formal epistemology and peer disagreement. Lee was also recently published in NOUS. Congrats on all of your accomplishments, Lee.

Aaron Thomas-Bolduc will be defending his dissertation at the end of spring/early summer. He recently published an open access textbook with his adviser Richard Zach and has been presenting the open access model he’s been using at a number of conferences this year and last. He has also published twice in less than 2 years, his publications can be found here and here.

Brandon Beasley has been a visiting Pitt for nearly a a full academic year as a visiting scholar working with Robert Brandom on issues related to his dissertation. We expect him back in Calgary some time in the next month or so.

As the year rolls on we’ll be adding a few new contributors to the fold and adding a few more features for readers. My new edited collection comes out in a  few weeks and we’ll have some of the authors blogging about their main theses from their respective chapters. Additionally, I’ll be selecting one paper a month from the #365papers twitter movement to summarize and discuss on the blog. So stay tuned for those features in the coming months.

I hope you all are doing well.


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