Teaching Logic and Forallx Update

Posted on December 7, 2017 by

As many of you might remember, I taught the Logic I course here at UCalgary for the first time, and blogged about the experience here, here and here. You might also remember that I was involved in remixing a version of PD Magnus’ and Tim Button’s forallx open textbook for that course (see here and here).

Here I’d just like to provide a quick update on what’s happened since then. In October we presented a poster about the course and textbook (the formatting of which was due to some Heroic LaTeXing on the part of Richard Zach), at the International Society for the Study of Teaching and Learning conference (ISSToL17) that was held here in Calgary. The poster can be found here, and contains some background, and methodology as well as the results of some of the survey questions we asked, both about the book and the class format.

Finally, we’re finishing up the Winter 2018 edition of forallx: Calgary Remix, and are in the process of putting together an accessible version. The latter use formatting and fonts that are designed to make the book more usable for students with dyslexia. Full details are available in this post, at the Open Logic Project.

Sorry for the link heavy post, but I hope this is interesting or useful to some of you.