New Contributor: Adam Hayden

Posted on October 16, 2017 by

We’ve added another philosopher to our growing list of bloggers here at A Philosopher’s Take. Let’s all welcome Adam Hayden to the fold. I had the pleasure of meeting Adam virtually (on twitter) some time in late 2013/early 2014 and we’ve stayed in pretty steady contact over the last 3-4 years. We’ve had many philosophical discussions and more recently I’ve been closely following his battle with cancer. Adam has been very inspiring to me over the past two years. I’ve gone through my own personal issues during that same time and watching Adam deal with cancer has been uplifting and eye-opening for me. It’s allowed me to take a step back from my own obstacles and reflect on them much differently than I would have without his help.Although he may not know this he has been extremely influential in helping me to overcome my own setbacks and hurdles in life. So I am very grateful for his continued motivation to share his story and to battle cancer like a gladiator! Thanks Adam and welcome aboard. Below is a bit more about Adam.

Adam Hayden is a philosopher of science, freelance writer and blogger, public speaker, and person living with brain cancer. Adam sits on an advisory group with the National Brain Tumor Society, he co-moderates a monthly brain tumor Twitter-chat (), and he blogs at . Adam is married, with three young children and lives with his family in Indianapolis, IN.
Adam Hayden
Adam will be posting here periodically with his first post ready to go later on today.

You can find Adam on Twitter @adamhayden 

Welcome, Adam!