Upcoming Features and Blog Update

Posted on April 25, 2017 by

Blog Update: Things are going fairly well here at the blog, though lately we’ve been posting a bit less than usual. Fortunately, that hasn’t stopped our traffic from picking up. As of today (April 26, 2017) we are closing in on 300k hits! Over the past 3 months we’ve seen our largest flow of traffic (30k) and our daily average has been well over 300 hits a day during this time. So a sincere thank you to all who have come to visit the blog to check out what we’re doing!

Upcoming Features: Aaron and I are happy to announce that we’ll be trying our hand with podcasting! The name of the podcast is ‘Real Life Philosophy’. Our goal in creating this podcast is to connect philosophical research to the real world via interviews and in depth discussion with professional philosophers and students that have pursued or who are pursuing graduate degrees in philosophy.

So, if you have any advice for us (we’re speaking to you our fellow philosophy podcasters) feel free to pass it along. Also, if you have topics you’d like to hear discussed on the podcast feel free to send us ideas either in this thread or via email at Real.Life.Philosophy.Podcast@gmail.com

You can find us on twitter at @RLP_Podcast

We’ll be sure to link all of our episodes to this blog under a new page that is currently under construction.