New Contributor: Mike Steiner

Posted on July 13, 2016 by

I had the pleasure of meeting Mike during his presentation for UCalgary grads on philosophy and the industry job market.  He shared valuable information concerning how to create a professional resume, explained the transferable skills one gains from philosophy, and ultimately demystified industry job postings and jargon.  Mike’s perspective on how philosophy translates outside of academia is extremely valuable given his experience as a Business Analyst in a cooperate setting.  He does, however, stay connected with philosophical issues in addition to creating hilarious (but very true!) posts on real-life matters, such as the need for fresh air on public transit.   Here are some details of Mike’s philosophical and professional background:

Mike is a rogue philosopher, having left academia to pursue life in the corporate world. His academic background is a mix of business (B.Comm) and philosophy, with his PhD at UCalgary focused squarely on philosophy of science. He takes Hume’s problem of induction seriously, and favours a pragmatic, Goodman-esque account of natural kinds (as argued for in his dissertation). Mike has been working as a Business Analyst for a large energy infrastructure company since completing his PhD, and has written and presented on the very valuable skills that philosophers can bring to organizations outside of academia. He is continually investigating areas where business and philosophy intersect, and is currently interested in what companies really mean when they say they want (something, anything) to be “strategic.”

Mike, we here at APT extend a warm welcome to you and look forward to reading your posts!