New Contributor: James DiGiovanna

Posted on June 2, 2016 by

It brings me great pleasure to add Dr.James DiGiovanna to our growing list of contributors here at ‘ A Philosopher’s Take’ (APT). I first met James in Oxford at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Applied Philosophy in 2014 and we’ve been staying in contact (electronically) ever since. He and I share a number of philosophical interests related to justice, enhancement, identity, moral responsibility and applied ethics more generally.james Digiovanna

James is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at John Jay College, CUNY. He works on personal identity, enhancement technologies, and other things that robots might enjoy. He was formerly a film critic and comic book editor, and has written a few stories that were published in tiny magazines, and a made a few films that were shown in tiny film festivals. His short video, “Kant Attack Ad,” gets played every election cycle in the hopes of preventing Prussians from taking over the U.S. He has published numerous articles, book chapters, and books, in a variety of places but most recently in the Southern Journal of Philosophy (Dec 2015). James can be found on twitter @jamesdig  and in the blogosphere over at popular metaphysics. Join me in welcoming James to the fold.