CfP: Graduate Conference on Logic and Language at UoC

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5th Annual Graduate Conference:
Logic & Language
Department of Philosophy
University of Calgary
May 27–28, 2016
The theme of the 2016 University of Calgary Graduate Philosophy Conference will be Logic and Language. Topics at the intersection of philosophy of language and (philosophy of) logic have a long and fruitful history, and continue to be at the forefront of research in the “core” of analytic philosophy. We invite submissions on any topic in philosophy of language and/or logic and its philosophy, with a preference for papers that address issues at their intersection, or papers that engage with the work of either of our keynotes. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

  • truth
  • formal semantics
  • conditionals
  • modals
  • logical form
  • translation
  • the relationship(s) between formal and natural languages
  • historical connections between logic and language
  • the meanings of syncategoremata
  • propositions
  • counterfactuals
  • . . .

Submissions of papers of up to 3200 words (not including bibliography, but including footnotes/endnotes), prepared for blind review should be sent to by February 29, 2016. Please also include a separate cover sheet with the following: title, an abstract of no more than 200 words, and author’s name, affiliation (if any), e-mail address and current level of study. Please submit both documents as separate PDFs, with identifying information removed from the body (and metadata) of the full paper. We will endeavour to inform authors of the acceptance or rejection of their papers by the end of March.
Speakers will be allotted 50min: 25min for presentation, 10min for a peer commentary, and 15min for Q&A.


Please consult the conference webpage for more details.

Any further questions can be directed to:

Conference Organizers:
Stephanie Reyes
Aaron Thomas-Bolduc

Samara Burns
We acknowledge the generous support of the Department of Philosophy, University of Calgary; the Faculty of Arts, UoC; and the Canadian Journal of Philosophy.