The Killing Game by Joy Williams

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If you like hunting I’d like to hear your thoughts.

Howling For Justice

Dr. Denise Albert was able to remove a snare from around a wolf’s neck and treat the animal with antibiotics. NPS photo

It’s hunting season and blood is in the air. Oh the joy of seeing a bullet hit its mark into unsuspecting flesh. Or an arrow that wounds, causing its victim to suffer and bleed for hours or days? That is the cold reality of the Killing Game.

Joy Williams timeless essay on hunting, exposes the brutality of the “sport”. It’s as true today as when she wrote it 22 years ago.

I highlighted the paragraphs she devotes to wolves and their reintroduction, which was still years away when this essay was written. Peering into the future she predicted the terrible fate awaiting them.

 What killing snares do. Imagine the pain this wolf suffered.


The Killing Game

by Joy Williams

October  1990, Esquire Magazine

Death and suffering…

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