Republican Senators Just Voted To Sell Off Your National Forests

Posted on April 10, 2015 by

This is a TRAVESTY!

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Yosemite_National_ParkIn case you missed it, almost every Republican Senator just voted to sell our public lands — including National Forests, wildlife refuges and wilderness areas —  to the highest bidder.

This is just downright wrong. As Ronald Reagan once said, “The preservation of parks, wilderness, and wildlife has also aided liberty by keeping alive the 19th century sense of adventure and awe with which our forefathers greeted the American West. Many laws protecting environmental quality have promoted liberty by securing property against the destrutctive trespass of pollution. In our own time, the nearly universal appreciation of these preserved landscapes, restored waters, and cleaner air through outdoor recreation is a modern expression of our freedom and leisure to enjoy the wonderful life that generations past have built for us.”

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SA 838 is a budgetary amendment which backs support for and funding of state efforts to take…

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