‘A Philosopher’s Take’ Year in Review (2014)

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It’s been quite a year! Personally, I was fortunate enough to give talks in Dublin, Oxford, Calgary, and San Diego. I was also able to secure a journal article publicationwhich will be forthcoming next year titled “Robust Alternatives, Blame, and the Tax Evasion Case”, in the Southwest Philosophy Review, 31 (2) as well as two book reviews (early in 2015) and two papers still under consideration for publication. I have also made great strides on my dissertation and should have it completed during the first half of 2015. But enough about me (well, almost).

This year the blog has also done very well. One of our posts (see here) was selected as a finalist for the well respected 3 Quarks Daily 2014 Philosophy Prize. I was pleasantly surprised when the post made it to the final 6! The blog has also seen an uptick in traffic. Nearly every month since the blog’s inception our daily, weekly, and monthly hits are on the rise. At about 250 hits per day we have more than doubled our traffic from this same time last year. So, bravo to all of our contributors on some great posts. I particularly like the feature ‘Grinworthy Quotes’ that Aaron implemented back in October (see here). Below are the links to my personal favorites from 2014 but do look in our archives in case you’ve missed some. I’ll be kicking off January guest-blogging over at Flickers of Freedom so be sure to tune in. I’ll be re-posting my posts from Flickers over here so you can follow from afar if one so chooses. I’m shooting for about 10-12 posts over the course of the month so I’ll be keeping busy 😉

Here are some of the most viewed posts from the blog that were written in 2014:

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Deflationism, Conservativity, Truth
Peirce, Reid, and Kant

Here were the most viewed posts from the archive:

Personal Identity: What are You? Who am I?
Abortion and Virtue Ethics
The Free Will Problem
Free Will: Why Sam Harris Needs to Read More Philosophy
Should Athletes Be Allowed To Enhance Their Abilities?”

Have a safe and happy new year everyone!


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