Grad Traps! (Guest Post by Daniel Silvermint)

Posted on August 22, 2014 by

An excellent post for undergraduates, graduate students, and even faculty by my friend Daniel Silvermint. I am guilty of nearly all 25 of his points. This post is uncomfortably accurate.

Daily Nous

Grad students of philosophy! And other relevant parties! Behold! Daniel Silvermint, assistant professor of philosophy and women’s, gender, and sexuality studies at the University of Connecticut, has developed a list of unhelpful thoughts that might occur to you every once in a while. He calls them “grad traps,” and the idea is that if you are able to recognize them, you can better avoid the trouble they bring. He explains what he’s up to, below, and asks for your comments on and additions to the list. Take it away, Daniel.

I’m helping out at my department’s orientation for new grads this Saturday, and I wanted to distribute a list of Grad Traps, or ways in which we burden ourselves early in our careers with thoughts and habits that make work and life harder.  The examples are all drawn from my own (only slightly exaggerated) experiences, and I hope that sharing…

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