University of Calgary Graduate Student Colloquium

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Today we’ll be having a graduate student colloquium in the Philosophy Department. If you’re around feel free to come by and join in the discussion. Here is the schedule:

Special Summer Session of the Philosophy Graduate Colloquium

Department of Philosophy, University of Calgary

June 17, 2014


Session 1: Chair Aaron Thomas-Bolduc

10—10:45 Justin Caouette “A Defense of ‘Ought-Implies-Can’”

10:50—11:35 Jared Craig/Justin Caouette, `Hard Incompatibilism, Mens Rea, and Strict Liability as a Basis of Criminal Responsibility’


coffee break –snacks provided by the PGSA


Session 2: Chair Justin Caouette

12–12:45 Audrey Delamont,  `Reasons and Action’

12:50–13:35 Arlin Daniel `Productive Capital and Self-Ownership’




Session 3: Chair Frank Jankunis

14:40–15:25 Eamon Darnell

15:30 –16:15 Aaron Thomas-Bolduc, `Indispensability in the Jungle’

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