University of Calgary Graduate Workshop on Gender Equality in Philosophy

Posted on November 13, 2013 by

I am pleased to announce that the University of Calgary Philosophy Department will be having a workshop on Gender Equality in Philosophy. Our discipline has a gender problem and the purpose of the workshop is to introduce the graduate student body to some of the important factual, theoretical, and practical debates regarding this problem. Broadly, these are some of the questions I think are important for someone new to this topic:

– What is the data regarding the presence of women at the undergraduate, graduate, and academic levels in philosophy? Is the data good? How should we interpret it? – How do philosophical ideas regarding gender inequality (e.g. implicit bias) help us explain the under-representation of women in academic philosophy? – As members of the academic community, what kinds of options are there available to us in addressing this problem? e.g. Should we support affirmative action of some form? How does this problem change our approach to teaching?

The workshop will be held on November 14th from 3pm-5pm and again on November 21st from 3pm-5pm in the conference room of the Philosophy Department. The first session will be focused on what the problem is and how pervasive it seems to be while the second session will be focused on what we can do as a community to rectify the ugly state of affairs. If you have any suggestions on topics or data that ought to be covered please leave them in the comment thread or send an email to aphilosopherstake @


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