New Contributors

Posted on June 9, 2013 by

I would like to welcome our newest contributors to A Philosopher’s Take, Lee Elkin and Ray Aldred. Lee recently accepted an offer from the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy at LMU in Munich to pursue his PhD. His interests lie in Epistemology, Time, Practical Reasoning, Decision Theory, Philosophy of Mind, Wittgenstein, and Philosophy of Science.  He was able to contribute a few months back and we look forward to more contributions from him in the future.

Ray Aldred will be graduating from  the University of Calgary with his M.A. in Philosophy later this summer. Ray accepted an offer from Mcgill University to pursue his PhD in Philosophy and starts on that journey in September. He is interested in Neuroethics, Philosophy of Sex and Love, Bioethics, and the Philosophy of Mind.

If anyone else is interested please email Justin @ This blog is a forum for early career scholars to engage others with their work. This can be done loosely through informal discussion and current events or by engaging critically with specific arguments.