Luck, Choice, and Rationing Health Care

January 12, 2015


According to some philosophers, a feature that matters for assessing inequalities is how the inequality comes about. One theory that assesses inequalities in this way is presented by Ronald Dworkin in a position called “luck egalitarianism.” According to the luck egalitarian, a factor that matters when assessing inequalities in a given situation –and whether these […]

On a Freedom Requirement for Forgiveness

January 10, 2015


My 3rd post over at Flickers of Freedom is up. You can find it here. I’ve copied and pasted it for those of you not interested in seeing how the conversation develops over at Flickers. We have all forgiven someone before.  In fact, forgiveness can often serve as a key ingredient in our most cherished […]

Optimistic Skepticism and Forward-Looking Blame

January 8, 2015


Below you can find the post in its entirety. Click here to see the original at flickers of freedom and to join in the discussion if you see fit. OPTIMISTIC SKEPTICISM AND FORWARD-LOOKING BLAME Many philosophers (1) have spent substantial time wrestling with, expanding on, and arguing against the central ideas put forth in P.F. Strawson’s […]

Grinworthy Quotes (5)

January 7, 2015


Here is a quote from Moses Maimonides’ Guide for the Perplexed (M. Friedlaender trans., 1923, p. 263) that is particularly appropriate for the holiday season: Wine may be treated as food, if taken as such, but to form parties for the purpose of drinking wine together must be considered more disgraceful than the unrestrained conduct […]

Free Will Skepticism and ‘Ought’ Judgments

January 3, 2015


You can find the link to my first post at Flickers here. It’s titled “Free Will Skepticism and ‘Ought’ Judgments”. For those of you who have been following APT for some time I posted on this topic here in late 2013. The posts are very different but are on the same topic. In this later […]

My Stint as Featured Author Begins at Flickers

January 1, 2015


To say I’m excited would be an understatement. This month I’ll be blogging over at Flickers of Freedom and will be cross posting my posts here. Thomas passing the torch to me for the month can be found here. My tentative plan for the month can be found here. I hope everyone had a great […]

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‘A Philosopher’s Take’ Year in Review (2014)

December 31, 2014


It’s been quite a year! Personally, I was fortunate enough to give talks in Dublin, Oxford, Calgary, and San Diego. I was also able to secure a journal article publicationwhich will be forthcoming next year titled “Robust Alternatives, Blame, and the Tax Evasion Case”, in the Southwest Philosophy Review, 31 (2) as well as two […]

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