University of Calgary Graduate Student Colloquium

June 17, 2014


Today we’ll be having a graduate student colloquium in the Philosophy Department. If you’re around feel free to come by and join in the discussion. Here is the schedule: Special Summer Session of the Philosophy Graduate Colloquium Department of Philosophy, University of Calgary June 17, 2014   Session 1: Chair Aaron Thomas-Bolduc 10—10:45 Justin Caouette […]

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Call for Papers: Defining Sport

May 21, 2014


Originally posted on The Sports Ethicist:
Call for Papers: Book Chapters Working Title: “Defining Sport: Contemporary Explorations” Publisher: Proposal will be submitted to Lexington Books Editor: Shawn E. Klein, PhD; The focus of the book is to bring new scholarly attention to the issues and questions involved in defining and explaining the nature of…

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Tweet from @JustinCaouette

May 17, 2014


Originally posted on the neuron club:
See on – Neural Sciences. Free will and neuroscience via @JustinCaouette @SashDavenport See on

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In Memoriam: Dennis Mckerlie (1948-2014)

May 12, 2014


Sad News! From the University of Calgary Department Head, Nicole Wyatt: DENNIS MCKERLIE (1948-2014) I’m very saddened to share the news that Professor Dennis McKerlie passed away late last week. Dennis received his DPhil from Oxford in 1977 and joined the University of Calgary in 1984. He was a distinguished scholar, best known for his […]

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Neil deGrasse Tyson and the value of philosophy

May 12, 2014


Originally posted on Scientia Salon:
by Massimo Pigliucci It seems like my friend Neil deGrasse Tyson [1] has done it again: he has dismissed philosophy as a useless enterprise, and actually advised bright students to stay away from it. It is not the first time Neil has done this sort of thing, and he is…

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Is Dennett rethinking free will?

April 4, 2014


Originally posted on Why Evolution Is True:
Reader Jiten called my attention to this post by Gregg Caruso on Flickers of Freedom about Dan Dennett’s comment on Free Will—a comment that appeared in a discussion in the journal Methode. I admit that I haven’t yet read Dan’s whole piece, but Caruso gives an interesting excerpt, which suggests…

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On the Benefits of Being a Philosophy Major

March 23, 2014


Originally posted on Pleas and Excuses:
My fantastic colleague, Ty Fagan, made this graphic from recent data coming from the Educational Testing Service. I thought it was worth a blog post, because students interested in a philosophy major often ask me whether they should do a double-major or minor in “something more practical.” Often, business…


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