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New Contributor: Brandon Beasley

November 3, 2015


Great news! Yet another talented PhD student from the University of Calgary has joined us here at A Philosopher’s Take. Brandon Beasley is a PhD student in philosophy at the University of Calgary. Born and raised in Calgary, he holds a B.A. (Honours, First Class) in philosophy from the University of Calgary (2009) and a M.A. […]

New Contributor: Alison K McConwell

October 31, 2015


It brings be great pleasure to introduce Alison K McConwell to our growing list of contributors here at A Philosopher’s Take. Alison is an excellent philosopher and an even better friend. Alison received her BA in 2010 at the University of Regina and her MA at Western University in 2011.  Her MA project focused on […]

On Death and Parenthood

October 16, 2015


First off, I’d like to apologize for not blogging much these days. I’m in the midst of filling out academic job applications, finishing my dissertation, presenting at conferences, and taking on tons of side projects (edited collection on the moral psychology of compassion, a few book chapters for various volumes on free will and emotions, […]

The Science-Pseudoscience Demarcation Problem

October 14, 2015


Source: The science-pseudoscience demarcation problem

Schliesser on Shortening the PhD

September 24, 2015


I  often reflect on my experiences in graduate school, especially now that they are coming to an end, and for what it’s worth I plan on writing about these crazy times when I come up for air in a  few years (It’s been 7 years between getting my M.A from Washington State Uni. and now entering […]

Tell Me a Story (about how Strawson gets it wrong about stories)

September 17, 2015


Originally posted on UP@NIGHT:
  Once upon a time I was having dinner at the home of a colleague, a professional philosopher. The conversation took an intriguing turn when my colleague revealed that he had virtually no visual memory. Of course I had known that people remember things and events with varying degrees of…

On Servicing the Profession as a Graduate Student

September 8, 2015


Cross posted over at the Philosopher’s Cocoon (see here with nice comments and further questions in the thread) A week or so ago I received an email asking me to review a paper for a journal, this is not the first such email I have received asking this service of me. It seems that the […]


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