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Is Dennett rethinking free will?

April 4, 2014


Originally posted on Why Evolution Is True:
Reader Jiten called my attention to this post by Gregg Caruso on Flickers of Freedom about Dan Dennett’s comment on Free Will—a comment that appeared in a discussion in the journal Methode. I admit that I haven’t yet read Dan’s whole piece, but Caruso gives an interesting excerpt, which suggests…

On the Benefits of Being a Philosophy Major

March 23, 2014


Originally posted on Pleas and Excuses:
My fantastic colleague, Ty Fagan, made this graphic from recent data coming from the Educational Testing Service. I thought it was worth a blog post, because students interested in a philosophy major often ask me whether they should do a double-major or minor in “something more practical.” Often, business…

CFP: Synthese: Neuroscience and Its Philosophy

March 3, 2014


Topic areas Philosophy of Cognitive Science Details The journal Synthese publishes a yearly issue on Neuroscience and Its Philosophy. In recent years, this has been perhaps the highest profile venue explicitly devoted to articles in the philosophy of neuroscience. For example, two papers published in the 2011 issue have already been anthologized. The 2013 issue […]

CFP: 2nd Annual Philosophers’ Cocoon Philosophy Conference

March 3, 2014


Conference Venue: University of Tampa Tampa, United States Topic areas General Details I am pleased to announce this call-for-papers for the Second Annual Philosophers’ Cocoon Philosophy Conference (PCPC), which I have tentatively scheduled to occur at the University of Tampa on Saturday July 19 through Sunday July 20th, 2014. As was the case at this year’s conference, the Second […]

CFP: Free Will (University of Michigan-Flint)

February 26, 2014


Details “Mankind has a free will; but it is free to milk cows and to build houses, nothing more.” — Martin Luther “[M]en believe themselves free, simply because they are conscious of their actions, and unconscious of the causes whereby those actions are determined.” ― Baruch Spinoza We have an intuitive sense of ourselves as […]

Sam Harris Still Needs to Read More Philosophy

February 12, 2014


In a scathing review of Sam Harris’ pamphlet Free Will , Daniel Dennett rightfully calls out Harris for some obvious missteps that Harris has taken (once again).  Harris responds here. Though I am more aligned with incompatibilism these days, Harris again makes some serious missteps in his response. First, he forwards his compatibilist thesis with regards to […]

30 Views on Free Will

February 5, 2014


Anyone trying to get caught up to date with the contemporary views in the free will debate will do well to visit this site (see here). This is the newest issue of Methode, and they interviewed 30 philosophers working on free will. Each philosopher, the line-up is impressive, was asked the same series of questions […]

Calgary Woman Gets 18 More Months In Prison (36 Total!) For Killing 2 Children?

January 30, 2014


My initial reaction when reading the headline today was, WHAT!?! (see article here) Meredith Borowiec just killed two babies by putting them in the dumpster (leaving them for dead) and she can walk the streets in 18 months? I think my reaction is telling. To me, this woman ought to get punished with more severity. Why? Because […]

CFP: 40th Annual Meeting of the Society for Philosophy and Psychology

January 21, 2014


CALL FOR PAPERS 40th Annual Meeting Society for Philosophy and Psychology 19-21 June 2014 University of British Columbia Submission Deadline: 15 February 2014 Papers may be submitted for oral or poster presentation. Submitted papers are refereed and selected on the basis of quality and relevance to philosophy, psychology and other sciences of the mind. [See the […]

What Did Martin Luther King Do?

January 20, 2014


Here is a link to a very nice post detailing what Martin Luther King did (through the eyes of one self-proclaimed “African-American” woman) titled: “Most of you have no idea what Martin Luther King actually did”. I highly recommend this refreshment of history to everyone, it is well worth the read and comes from a […]

Martha Nussbaum, “What is Anger, and Why Should We Care?”

January 16, 2014


Martha Nussbaum has given a very nice talk on why anger is “of dubious value in both life and the law“, the talk can be found here. Although it seems obvious that anger can be bad for our well-being and is often associated with acts of malice and bad intent (and rightfully so), I do […]

CFP: Center for Cognition and Neuroethics (Free Will)

January 14, 2014


Call for papers Mankind has a free will; but it is free to milk cows and to build houses, nothing more. —Martin Luther [M]en believe themselves free, simply because they are conscious of their actions, and unconscious of the causes whereby those actions are determined. —Baruch Spinoza We have an intuitive sense of ourselves as […]

What I Wrote in 2013

January 1, 2014


2013 was a productive year for me. I was able to finish all the requirements of my PhD program (ABD), spend lots of time with my family and friends and found a little time to get further writing done. I am sad to see 2013 go but I think I’ll take the advice of the […]

CFP: *Extended Deadline* 3rd Annual University of Calgary Graduate Philosophy Conference

December 23, 2013


  Graduate students at the University of Calgary are hosting their 3rd annual conference on Saturday, March 8, 2014.  This year’s theme is “Self and Society: Authenticity, Autonomy, and Identity”.     Keynote speakers: Sarah Buss (University of Michigan) Mark Migotti (University of Calgary)   Submission deadline EXTENDED: Sunday, JANUARY 5, 2014.   Inquiries:  Shelley […]

Do Incompatibilists Have Inconsistent Intuitions?

December 20, 2013


Incompatibilism, for our purposes here, is the view that the sort free will required for moral responsibility is not compatible with determinism. In a few recent studies there seems to be an apparent disconnect between  incompatibilist intuitions when asked compatibility questions in a different way. On the one hand, in abstract cases the folk seem […]


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